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 2511 W 4th Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

 Axes, food, beer,
darts & games!

 Wednesday & Thursday: 5pm to 11pm
Friday: 5pm to Midnight
Saturday: 3pm to Midnight
Sunday: 1pm to 9pm

FAQs - General Information

How much does axe throwing cost?

Tickets for our axe throwing sessions, and included instruction, are $25/hour per person.

What should I wear to throw axes?

There are no specific dress requirements for axe throwing, except for one. For safety, you must wear closed-toe shoes to be able to participate in single or group sessions.

Do you provide all equipment?

Yes, we supply all materials and equipment, including the axes.

If I've never thrown an axe how hard is it?

Throwing an axe has nothing to do with size or strength. Our trained coaches will show you the proper technique during orientation, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is! Once you get good enough, you can start throwing in competitions and help to spread the sport!

What is the age requirement?

You must be 14 or older to participate in any AxeSmith sessions. We are working on adding birthday party features for our younger crowd 10-13. Ask us about these special events!

Can I come with a couple of friends or a date?

Of course, axe throwing is for everyone! Walk-ins are always welcome for sessions, but to ensure there is space when you arrive, we recommend making an online reservation for larger groups.

What if I have fewer than 6 people to my party?

If you have less than six people in your axe throwing group, then no problem! However, if you don’t purchase all tickets beforehand, then you may be paired with other players. But not to worry, throwing axes is a great way to meet new people! You’ll be axe buddies for life!

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. However, we definitely understand that things come up. Please let us know right away if you have a conflict and we will work with you to reschedule your axe throwing session.

Can I bring food & drinks?

We have both food and beverages available for purchase, no outside food or drinks are allowed unless for a birthday party event. 4th Street Bar is next door and available for any liquor or mixed drinks if desired.

Can we bring our own axes?

You sure can, but please contact us prior to coming. We do not allow double-edge axes, but many other types of hatchets and axes can be approved for throwing.

I'm not throwing, do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone who enters AxeSmith whether throwing axes, darts, or observing the atmosphere must sign our waiver. Your email is required so we can access your information in our system. You can sign a waiver ahead of time on our website.

How do I book a lane?

Choose your axe throwing activity to view all the available times and experiences. We look forward to seeing you! Contact us if you have any further questions regarding our rules and practices, parties, group events, competitions, or anything else!

Are beverages available for purchase?

Yes, we have coke products, water, and beer available for purchase.

Beer available is both bottle and draft options.

Is food available for purchase?

Yes! We are so thankful our friends at 4th Street Bar are helping us offer food for our customers.

Types of food available include but are not limited to wings, chicken tenders, fried pickles, burgers, and sandwiches.

What type of beer is offered?

We have domestic beers in bottles: Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Light, and Yuengling. We also have White Claw variety & Caymen Jack margarita in bottles.

We are offering craft beer on draft from Southern Prohibition. These options change weekly based on season and availability.

What hours are food and beverage available?

Beverages are available until closing at midnight, last call for beer is 11:15PM.

Kitchen closes at 8PM daily, last call for food is 7:30PM.

Safety First

Don't throw an axe if someone is in front of you or near the target. Keep a clearance area of at least 6 feet surrounding the target.

Gripping The Axe

When you pick up and grip the axe, have a firm grip, similar to how you would grip a baseball bat. An important element to the grip is ensuring that the blade isn't rotated to the left or the right. It needs to be straight so when you release the axe, the trajectory is perfectly straight and will stick to the target.

Steps for Throwing an Axe

Step 1: Place both hands on the axe. Firm like you're holding a baseball bat. Make sure the blade is perfectly straight.

Step 2: Bring the axe back, over your head, similar to the motion of throwing a soccer ball over your head. Lean back.

Step 3: Bring the axe forward, in a fast motion and release with your arms extended forward.

Ask a Question

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